Personal Protection and Self Defense Site

I recently launched a new site about self defense and personal protection after completing an NRA certified instructor course. The class was an excellent experience and was lead by a great instructor who kept it interesting. I was fortunate enough to pass the class and will be an official NRA certified instructor of the basic pistol class as soon as I receive my paperwork. The entire situation is quite exciting so if you are located in Ohio or West Virginia and are interested in this sort of thing, please contact me.

Business Profit and Internet Marketing Myths

I just added two new pages to the business advice hub web site. The first one is about business profits and making more money. It is an excerpt from my 5 Laws of Marketing book and explains a simple and easy way to start tracking your true costs and true profit in your business. These are both very important things to do in any business and will help you have a more profitable business now and in the future.

The other page is about Internet marketing myths and includes a few things that irritate me when I read them. It seems like many people just pick up whatever they have read and start speaking it like it was true, whether they have any experience or proof. This is not only stupid on their part but also dangerous to other people who are trying to learn.

Wes Young

The value of a customer

The value of a new customer is not just how much you can make on the first transaction. It includes how much you can make from them over the lifetime of your business relationship with them. If you don’t know how much you make on average per customer, you need to find out as fast as you can. Then you need to do everything you can to grow this number just like you are trying to grow your number of new customers.

Many businesses don’t look beyond the immediate sale. They have no plan to track the value of a customer just like they don’t know how much it costs them to get a new customer. If you follow the advice in this book, you won’t be one of these other types of businesses. You will be the type of business that survives and thrives while everyone else struggles and fails.

Wes Young