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Internet marketing has become a term that is thrown around in many circles, often attached to a long-winded sales letter selling a dream and a high priced book or course that ends up being full of fluff and vague references, followed closely by an offer to sell you something else, for more money, that includes the “real” secrets.

It is also a phrase that is rarely defined beyond a broad and general definition. The term Internet marketing reminds me of a young teenager when they start trying to learn about sex. It sounds good, but what exactly is it and how do I get involved?

With this page, I have defined Internet marketing and covered many of the different methods of using the Internet as a marketing medium to earn money. Though this page is ultimately about you, I would like to offer a short explanation as to why you would, or should, listen to what I have to say in the following pages.

I have worked full time as an Internet marketer in one form or another for close to 5 years. Before that I was involved on a part time basis, beginning in the late 90’s. It took me many years to determine what worked and what didn’t as far as creating an income working online, but my dream has always been to work for myself while providing a good living for my family. I hated working for someone else while accepting a meager paycheck and always worrying about making ends meet. My guess is that many of you reading this book feel much the same way.

I also am making the assumption that you are fairly intelligent and have at least enough desire to get ahead in life that you took the time to find this book and are reading it. So it is only natural for some of you to be thinking, “If you are so well off Mr. author, why haven’t I ever heard of you?”

The answer to your question contains one of the great things about being an Internet marketer. You can make good money, as a matter of fact insane amounts of money, without showing your face, talking to anyone, or being in the public eye at all. That is, if you want to operate this way. On the other hand, if you want to become a well-known “guru” in a particular market, the Internet is an excellent path to consider.

As you will quickly lean as you read this book, and if you subscribe to my free marketing tips or buy any of my other products, I do not gloss over the uncomfortable parts of Internet marketing and attempt to be 100% honest with my customers. So here is the first of your big old blunt honest answers.

I never had any desire to be well known before, but recently have decided to increase my income while helping others do what I do. The fastest way I can accomplish this is to become somewhat of an “expert” in the public’s eyes, which will drive customers to my free Internet marketing tips and up the ladder into my personal coaching program, buying my products along the way. The best way from a marketing standpoint to accomplish this is to author a book on the subject, which you hold in your hands now. This is not the only step. If you know much about marketing in general, you already know this, but if you are a marketing newbie, don’t feel discouraged. You will learn many important marketing skills as we go along.

The rest of the steps revolve around offering my customers (YOU) good advice and consistent value. My ultimate goal is to fill positions in my personal coaching group, which are not cheap and are only available on a limited basis, and the way to get customers to give me their money is to help them make more money than they are giving me. So, you have trusted me enough to purchase (or at least steal) this book and it is now my turn to prove to you it was a good investment and to continue offering you real information you can profit from, because the more money I help you make, the more you will use my products and services in the future.

In other words, I want to start building a strong relationship with you where we both profit. In case you missed the significance of the last statement, the best marketers in the world build relationships with their customers based on value and trust. When they fail on the value or trust, the customer leaves. And the customer should leave. This is the first big lesson of Internet marketing. 

  • Build relationships with your customers based on value and trust and they will reward you. It does not matter what business or niche’ you enter; this is the key to success.

Internet Marketing Defined

Internet marketing in its simplest form is using the Internet to make money. There are many ways to do this, but one of the first things to realize is the Internet is just an information medium. As far as marketing goes, it is much like newspapers, magazines and television. It is simply a different way to reach prospective customers. There is no magic to the Internet. You can’t just throw up a web site or offer and expect to instantly become rich, any more than you can place an advertisement in a newspaper or on television that says, “Send me some money” and hope to succeed.

However, once you figure out what you are doing, the Internet offers by far the largest audience of potential customers available anywhere in the world.

Wes Young

10 Myths About Internet Marketing

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