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The reason I am going to tell you about my past experiences in marketing and business is not to brag, but to show you that I have used in the real world what I am telling you works. I have read too many books that were obviously written by someone who hasn’t actually used their own advice in a real business. Of course you don’t have to believe that my ideas work, you just need to try them. The only way that you won’t profit from the information included on this site is if you don’t read it or don’t use it after you have read it. These marketing tactics work and you will be able to see it for yourself once you get started. I urge you to put a few of the ideas into action and see the results for yourself before just assuming something won’t work. You will be pleasantly surprised, I assure you.

For over 20 years I have been running, buying, selling, creating and consulting with businesses of every shape and size. My experience runs from working with businesses doing less than $100,000 in yearly sales to businesses doing over $1 Billion in annual revenues. (Yes, that is Billion with a B). My marketing background includes work with all types of advertising including magazines, newspapers, radio, television and direct mail as well as using social media, e-mail and the Internet. It also includes all of the other things that aren’t advertising that are included in marketing.

Here is an example of what I have done for businesses that I have been involved with. This is an actual business and the numbers are real, but I am not going to disclose the name of the business to protect them from their competitors. It is a fairly typical retail business. When I started working with them, their yearly sales were just under $1.5 Million with a gross profit of 22%. The big problem was that they were running around 22% of sales as expenses also. If you have been in business long at all you realize that 22% going out and 22% coming in leaves nothing in the profit column. This is also a recipe for disaster because if your cash flow falters you don’t have any cushion.

Within two years the business had improved sales to just under $3 Million, improved their gross profit to over 30% and were keeping their expenses at 25% of sales. Not only were we able to double sales, we were also able to create a 5% spread between gross profit and expense percentage. This created a 5% margin in the net profit before taxes column. This is what I do. Create profits that go directly to the bottom line.

Many prospective clients and other people who I talk to that are interested in my services and what I do ask me about my educational background. While I am educated in the business world, holding a Masters degree in Business Administration, I always stress that my real education has come by actually working in a business and learning what works and what doesn’t first hand. Most of what I learned in school has not been valuable in the real world. The good thing is I have both areas covered. If a business will only work with an “educated” individual, I fit the bill. On the other hand, if a business is only worried about dealing with a person that has actually made money in the trenches, I fit that bill too. My plan was to cover as many bases as possible. This should be the plan in your business as well.

Other experiences that have helped me prepare to help businesses of all types and size include teaching occasional business courses at the college level, speaking to groups of business people, writing for different business markets, hosting a weekly television program and working as a co-host on a business radio show.

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